Product Guide: Coffee Portability

There are lot of coffee travel containers on the market. If you go to any department store, cafe’ or airport gift shop, chances are they have travel mugs for sale. They are also a hot item in those catalogs where you can put your company’s logo on a product and order 100’s of them for really cheap. What is the difference between those and the the models we sell? Quality. We really believe in the Nissan/Thermos and Zojirushi products we carry because of their durability and function.


On the Go


          Zojirushi TuffSlim                                   Thermos Travel Mug                                 Thermos Backpack Bottle

We currently carry three travel mugs/bottles and each one serves a different purpose. If you want to drink coffee on the move, the Nissan/Thermos Leak-Proof Travel Mug is the real deal. It’s east to drink from, very rugged and simple to use without any levers, springs, tiny mechanisms, etc. Loosening the cap opens it and tightening the cap closes it…simple. Just don’t forget to tighten it before laying it down on a car seat or putting it in your bag. The included carabiner helps keep this mug within reach at all times.

Sweet Maria’s employees have only one complaint about the Nissan Backpack bottle…it keeps your coffee too hot. Unless you are planning your first sip 30 minutes after brewing, leave it uncapped for a minute so your coffee can come down to drinking temperature. Hot or cold, his thing insulates really well. It is easy to clean and easy to drink from. It has an excellent seal so you can feel confident that it won’t leak inside your backpack, purse or messenger bag.

The Zojirushi TuffSlim is slender and compact, perfect for transporting one person’s coffee to the office. Like our other travel vessels, it’s extremely well insulated and very durable. Keep in mind, this one isn’t made to drink from. It comes with a cap that doubles as an awkward cup but essentially, you would want to use the TuffSlim as a vessel to transport your coffee from the brewer to your cup.

Oh yeah, stay away from those travel mugs that have a built in French press. Using one is a good way to seriously over-extract what could have been a really good cup.


Coffee for the Masses


                         Thermos Large Vacuum Pot                                                                       Zojirushi HandyPot

Need to serve a few cups away from your kitchen? Brew a carafe at home, pour it into one of these and your coffee will stay hot for hours.

The Nissan Large Vacuum Bottle is heavy-duty and has a stainless steel exterior and interior. The lid is more of a bowl than a cup so you can drink out of it in a pinch but it might be more comfortable to drink out of your personal regular sized cup.

The Zojirushi HandyPot is glass-lined and a more table-friendly than the Nissan version. Because of the glass interior, it’s not a construction worker bottle but in our years of selling them, we haven’t heard of them breaking under normal use.



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