Product Guide: Green Coffee Sample Sets

Easy to order and great for both beginners and experienced roasters.

Our Green Coffee Sample Sets are great for home roasters of all experience levels. They are also perfect for those of us suffering from indecisiveness since you get a selection all the awesome coffees you never knew you wanted with just one click.

Our Standard 4 and 8 Pound Sample Sets

These are our most popular Sample Sets, consisting of four or eight single pound bags from different coffee growing regions

Ordering one is as great way to educate your palate and associate growing regions with different flavor notes. If you are thinking of purchasing a roaster, keep in mind we do bundle Sample Set with our Roaster Starter Kits.

The coffees in the sets change almost daily so we can’t take requests in regards to which ones end up in your sample set, but we can promise that you will get an excellent variety.

We have Espresso and Decaf versions too.

Coffee and Cacao Sample Sets

By no means are we cacao experts, we just wanted to be adventurous and offer some alongside our our great coffees. Choose from our Coffee & Cacao Adventure Set and Colombia Coffee & Cacao Adventure Set.

XL Sets

What’s the solution to a stressful holiday season? More coffee. We have your back with our XL Sets that offer more coffee at a discount. A full set is two 5 pound bags of our high quality coffee. Choose from our 10lb Africa Set and our 10lb Latin America Set.

Latest Additions Sample Set

We add new coffees to our offerings list on a weekly basis so we understand it can be hard to keep up with all the newness. To make life easier, we introduced the Latest Additions Coffee Set so you can grab all our new coffees with one click. You get 1 pound of each coffee we launched during the week (some exceptions apply). We update it every Friday.