Questions Anyone?

We really enjoy getting out of the office and doing coffee roasting demonstrations at events like Maker Faire, Makers & Tasters and Eat Real here in the SF Bay Area. It’s a good way to connect with home coffee roasters and our local customers. Here’s some questions that we have been asked more than once. This might be worth forwarding to your friend or family member that has been curious about home roasting.


Where can I buy green coffee?

Hopefully from us. There’s other online green coffee retailers out there that you can try as well…but we hope you like our coffee the best.


How long does green coffee last for?

Commercial coffee suppliers would say that green coffee lasts over a year in storage. We think 6 months is around the time when it begins to degrade in quality.


Why would anyone want to roast their own coffee?

You can produce high-quality roasted coffee in a short amount of time. It’s fun, just as good (possibly better) and cheaper than buying roasted coffee from a roastery or cafe.


I really like (insert any large commercial chain)’s coffee. What coffee should I roast that will taste similar to that?

Large chains tend to brew over-roasted coffee in order to keep it tasting the same in all their stores. Over-roasting pretty much any green coffee will give you a similar result. We recommend trying lighter and medium roasts to get the most out of your coffee. You might be surprised at how the coffee you used to like actually tastes like carbon or ash.


How can I start roasting my own coffee?

We recommend starting off with a simple and inexpensive method like a popcorn popper. Check out our website for basic tutorials and instructions and how to do it.


Where do you guys get your coffee from?

Hmmm…well locally, we pick it up from a large coffee warehouse that stores coffee we don’t have room for. Globally, we purchase coffee directly from growing regions all over the world.  


How do I store my green coffee?

Keep it in a cool, dark, dry place…the same type of place you would store grain, rice or dry pasta. The bags we ship coffee in work well for letting coffee breathe a bit too. We don’t recommend freezing or refrigerating coffee.


How do I store my roasted coffee?

Valve bags and valve tins work best but mason jars, thick plastic zipper bags and food storage containers work well too. More importantly, you should drink your coffee before it gets old and stale. Roasted coffee is good for only about a week.


How long does it take to roast coffee?

It really depends on a lot of factors but in general, you can expect a small batch to roast in about 8-10 minutes.


Will my coffee taste bad if I screw it up?

It depends how bad you “screw it up”. If it’s severely under or over-roasted it won’t taste good but with some research and preparation, you should have good results, even on your first try. If you don’t precisely get your coffee to the exact roast level you wanted and it got past first crack and didn’t roast too far beyond 2nd crack, it will more than likely taste better than most commercial coffee.


Can I come by your shop/cafe’/roastery and buy my coffee there?

Yes, please come by. Our local customers drop by to pick up their online orders all the time and save on shipping. You can drop in and place your order here too.



What can you tell me about Kopi Luwak?

There’s nothing special about the way this coffee tastes and a lot of animals are abused to produce a product that isn’t necessary. Click here to see our “No to Luwak Coffee” Facebook page


Can I use green coffee for weight loss?

We don’t know much about this. It looks like supplement companies are, in one way or another, powderizing green coffee or green coffee extract and packing that powder into pills. They claim ingesting them will help drop the pounds. We don’t know how it’s done or how it affects the human body. We do know that dropping green coffee into a coffee grinder will break your grinder and biting on them will break your teeth.


Do you guys teach roasting classes?

We do on occasion. Follow us on all our social media channels for info on upcoming classes.