How To Identify and Replace the Behmor Coffee Roaster Afterburner

It’s easy to identify and replace an afterburner in the Behmor 1600 and 2000 roasters. Here’s how.

A unique feature of the Behmor home coffee roasters is that they come equipped with a small afterburner. The Behmor coffee roaster afterburner is located behind the little square perforated cover on the ceiling of the roast chamber, and oscillates during the roasting and cooling cycles to help incinerate some of the smoke before reaching the exhaust. The little square heating coil behind the cover can sometimes fail, but is thankfully simple to diagnose, and nearly just as easy to replace.

You can diagnose whether or not your afterburner is working in about 30 seconds. Simply engage the cooling cycle while monitoring the afterburner’s location. The heating coils should visibly glow red through the perforated cover within about 30 seconds. If nothing happens within a full minute, it’s time to order a replacement!

Check out our short video on how to identify and replace a failed afterburner on any Behmor coffee roaster.

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