Behmor Coffee Roaster Information Resource Page

We have pulled together all our Behmor Information on one page!

Roast profiles, Behmor how-to- videos, Behmor Cleaning and Maintenance, PDF printable tip sheets, Frequently Asked Questions: The Behmor coffee roaster is an electric drum type machine, and has been with us quite a while now, and Sweet Maria’s has much information on older and newer models. Also, here’s a quick link to our Behmor products in our web store.

On this page you will find these sections below:

  • Behmor 1600 and 2000 Introductory Videos and Articles
  • Behmor Advanced Roast Tips and Tricks
  • Behmor Roast Profiles: How to roast particular coffees
  • Behmor Roaster Maintenance and Cleaning

Behmor Introductory and Overview Material

Behmor Advanced Roasting Tips

Roast Profiles in the Behmor

Behmor Roaster Cleaning, Maintenance, Upgrade

Our Behmor Post Gallery

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