Roast Coffee Pairing #59 – DIY Mokha Java

This is one of our favorite roast coffee pairing ideas: roast the two coffees that form the most ancient blend in coffee history – Mokha Java.  In this instance we roasted Java Kajumas Taman Dadar and Yemen Mokha Sana’ani.  Both were roasted to Full City+ in 15 minutes with final thermoprobe temperatures of 440-444 degrees.  Try blending these two before brewing in various percentages.  Java coffee has a rustic, deep toned body with foresty notes and low acidity. Yemen coffee is wilder with fruit laden tobacco notes and leather hints.  They work together really well to both mellow out certain aspects and highlight subtleties that might be a little overwhelming on their own.  But, heck try them on their own, then blended and you can really see why this blend has been cherished since time immemorial.

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