Roast Development Cupping Test … What does under-roasted coffee taste like?

With the current discussion on under-developed roast taste, I had a realization: I have never cupped green coffee before. Seriously, green.

Given that as a roast develops, original compounds in the coffees are converted into intermediate ones that might not even exist in the final roasted coffee, that acids are diminished from the % content in the green, and the bittering trigonelline is reduced in roasting, I realized how interesting it would be to cup a coffee all the way through the roast.

Roast Cupping Test  -Nice colors!
Roast Cupping Test -Nice colors! – Cupping the roast levels of a coffee from green raw coffee through City+ roast, and all stages in between! Thompson Owen, Sweet Maria’s Coffee Panama Boquete La Camiseta

The under-roasted cups were very astringent and it takes time to process the tightening flavor and effect on the palate. The most challenging one was actually the pre-first crack roast (roughly 370 f – temperatures are approximate because I failed to record them at the time of roast).

The coffee is Panama Boquete, Finca Camiseta. I will repeat this experiment with a group of cuppers later this month. -Tom

Here’s the images from my Roast Development Cupping Test:

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    1. It is interesting how astringent and bittering raw green coffee is, as a beverage. I think it was surprising how some of the middle stages were even more acrid than unroasted green coffee!

    1. We use 150 to 165 ML water and 12 grams of coffee. It seems to work best for us … I was just in Kenya and they cupped with 14 grams in a similar size bowl. Too strong for me! A few places I have been use 10 grams for 150 ml, which is the coffee:water ratio I use for pour over brewing at home. But in cupping, I don’t feel you get the same level of extraction as brewing. Your really dont stir the mixture, you just let the coffee infuse and drop, and using the spoon, you only “break” the crust on top, no agitation of the grounds. I think thats why 12 grams seems right for me. I think current SCA spec is 10g/150g

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