Six Under Six – October 2016

October 13, 2016

They say "You get what you pay for," but some coffees can break that rule, since a coffee’s price isn’t always determined by how good it is, since "good" is determined by you and your taste. There are many factors that affect price so it’s important that you trust your taste buds and don’t judge a coffee based on how much it costs.
With that said, here are six great coffees all priced under six dollars. Check out the cupping notes and you will notice a wide variety of flavors. A low price doesn’t mean that we are compromising on the quality of the coffee we offer. We have high standards and we stand by them as we continue to source well priced coffees, where the farmer gets paid a premium and your cup is still great.
Honduras Buenos Aires -Lote Mendez – $5.75 / Lb.
Lote Mendez has a burned sugar sweetness, with high % dark chocolate bar, roasted cacao nibs, sweet pipe tobacco, and honey wheat. A BIG bodied cup. Great for dark roasting. Good for espresso.
Brazil Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon – SOLD OUT -$5.75 / Lb.

Pulp natural process makes for a mild cup, soft acidity, hazelnut spread, praline, carob chip cookie. Nut to cocoa tones in the finish. Good for espresso.

Papua New Guinea Kainantu Farm – $5.80 / Lb.

Grape skins, dark berry, bittersweetness of roasted cacao, rustic sweetness like hickory chips and a leathery aspect in the finish.

Mexico FTO Sierra Juárez -Ayuuk – $5.95 / Lb.

Ayuuk is quite the crowd pleaser, oatmeal and raisin cookie aromatics, flavors of turbinado sugar, baker’s cocoa, apple, and walnut. Balance in the middle roasts. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Hacienda – $5.95 / Lb.

Refined cane and raw sugars, vanilla, Brazil nut, and a dusting of fine cocoa powder. Crowd-pleasing, balanced, bodied, low-acid cup that works well as dual-use. Good for espresso.

Burundi Muyinga Rukanya-Rusheri – $5.95 /Lb.

This lot from Muyinga has molasses and caramel sweetness, berry tones, all spice, a honey-wheat puff note, and subtle lemon water acidity. Great chocolatey espresso.



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