Sports News Highlights

Then this one sports announcer said that it was the greatest moment of those sports that he had ever seen and that the sheer athleticism of that something was mind boggling and also the best ever in history statistically speaking. That was the best thing that happened on the Sports News. Next week, Sports News Bloopers. And now a word from our Bean Report.

CR Lourdes de Naranjo Finca Genesis 1683 P
CR Macho Arce 994.5 O
SM El Papuma Decaf 4290 U
Guat Huehue Finca La Providencia Dos 4284 N
Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa 3828 D
El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara 2640 Z
El Salvador Siberia Estate Bourbon 14520 Z
Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kiunyu 3234 Z

A good deal of fine green coffee beans, and more to come very soon.