Sumatra: Aceh, Takengon, Lake Tawar Travels

Travelogue I created from my trip to Aceh and the Gayo coffee area way back in 2008!

This was part two of the extended trip to Sumatra was to return to Medan, then take the grueling 12 hour drive north and west, into the Aceh district, and Takengon city on the shores of Lake Tawar.

Wendy and I were joined by Aleco from Stumptown, Geoff from Intelligentsia, Robert from Kaffa Oslo, and the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia folks, and others.

We met exporters, swam in the lake, rode motorcycles, and enjoyed the food (sort of). Aceh is an Islamic area, so it was strictly BYOB! It’s a very beautiful district, and the coffee has great potential too. We visited a host of exporters and cooperative coffee farmer groups. … including the source for our Classic Mandheling coffee.

A few of the pictures here are out of order – and a lot have absolutely nothing to do with coffee, as usual! Here’s the photos from my trip Sumatra Aceh Takengon Lake Tawar

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