Sumatra Coffee Travels – Berastagi, Sidikalang, Lake Toba, Lintong

An earlier trip from way back in 2008! Traveling to the coffee producing areas of North Sumatra.

I took an extended trip to Sumatra, landing in Medan and heading south initially to North Sumatra. Eh? North Sumatra (Sumatra Utara) is not the northernmost part of the island .. Aceh is, but for some reason they call it North Sumatra!

I was traveling with Wendy from Tony’s coffee on this leg, and members of the new SCAI: Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia. We headed to Berastagi (Brastagi), then to Seribu Dolok, Sidikalang, Dolok Sanggul, Lintong Nihota, Balige, Parapat, and back to Medan, a big loop around the giant Lake Toba. Here are the photos from the trip with captions: Sumatra- Berastagi, Sidikalang, Lake Toba, Lintong

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