Video: Sumatra Macro Madness – Sumatra Green Coffee Quality

Exploring the Appearance of Green Coffee from Sumatra in Macro Close Up

A dark roast will visually disguise a lot of defects that can make your cup taste bad. Black beans, beetle damage, pulper damage, etc…take a look at some of these problems (under regular and ultraviolet -UV- lights) that we watch out for, in order to make sure we are buying quality coffee.

It’s important to note some things though: Ultraviolet of Sumatra coffee, in particular wet hulled process coffee (which so much Sumatra is) has some caveats. Wet-hulled coffee nearly always looks awful under UV light! You cannot look at it the same way you look at wet-processed coffee.

Also UV light analysis is to gods word on coffee quality – it’s just a clue of potential issues that you would also find in the cup testing, and measuring moisture level and water activity in the coffee.

Sumatra Macro Madness – Sumatra Green Coffee Quality:
Sumatra Macro Madness – Sumatra Green Coffee Quality

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