Summer Madness

We’ve been having all kinds of wacky adventures this summer, but we’ve been super jazzed about all the new coffees that keep coming in. As Josh posted last week, the Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry is back, and actually Tom happens to be out that way as we speak. Also, don’t forget to check out the newer Guatemala offerings from Finca El Tambor and Finca La Soledad, two differently rad coffees.

Today, we bring you yet another new offering:

Yemen Mokha Ismaili

“Ismaili are not fruity-bright Yemens but there are some interesting berry aroma hints in the medium roast. At C+ roast the first flavors to emerge are spices: fresh ginger root, a zest of pepper, anise. At Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>FC+ it’s a different beast: bittersweet pungent notes, dark herbs, Chai and “roastaroma tea” notes, licorice root, cinnamon bark, clove, some black walnut, and spiced chocolate. The body seems heavy, but is actually deceptively light and perhaps it has to do with the intensity of cup flavors as it cools. The Ismaili makes great Single Origin (SO) espresso.”

A new definition of Summer Madness!

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