Sweet Maria’s + Coffee Shrub at Portland SCA Expo

It’s surprising, even to us, that we will have a booth at the SCA Expo in Portland April 21-23. But hmm… how shall we do this thing …

There’s a few big coffee shows around the world and SCA Expo (Specialty Coffee Association) in the US is one of the largest. We go nearly every year to meet suppliers, exporters, and some of the coffee farmers who make the trek. But having a booth? Nah, we don’t really have anything to offer or need to draw any attention to ourselves.

Sweet Maria's SCA Expo 2023
Sweet Maria’s SCA Expo 2023

But … it always seemed like it would be fun just to show up and do our own thing, even if it makes no business sense. In fact, it seemed fun because it makes no business sense. It could just be the spot we meet suppliers and sources vs. trying to find a quiet spot in a corner somewhere. We can make our own corner, I mean booth.

So if for some strange reason you show up in Portland April 21-23 at the Portland convention center, please come to Booth 1055 where you will find Sweet Maria’s making arts and crafts basically. Make something! It will be hard to miss our little spot because it’s going to be …er … different.

Sweet Maria’s Arts & Crafts Expo!

Directions: Locate Lotus Energy Drinks, near Lamose and Poursteady. Head north then West at NaePac near Caotex, veer north then jog west, or east depending on which way you are coming, and look for a miniscule 10×10 postage stamp with what might at first look like kindergarten finger painting, and that’s probably us.

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