We Had a Booth at the SCA Coffee Expo and Survived!

For the first time ever (maybe the last?) Sweet Maria’s felt “seen” at the annual SCA coffee expo by paying a wad of money to have a booth and hang our wacky banners. It was ok.

Portland, 2023, the scene was set. Arts and crafts would be made. New age banners would be hung. Specialty green coffee and Specialty gold coffee would be on display. We would win many awards for all of this which we gave to ourselves. And most SCA passers-by would be confused or indifferent to our little 10×10 spot on the floor. And so it was!

Here are some pictures to prove it happened.

Postscript: I am still trying to find out if all of that carpet is simply thrown away after the end of the show. It is UNBELIEVABLE if true. So much for sustainability.

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  1. This was hilarious! I love everything about this report. Nice to pursue while sipping my first cup of Nicaraguan from you.

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Hopefully the Nicaragua was enjoyable too 🙂


  2. So proud SM went to SCA… and agree with you on relative cost/value benefit. But great, great stand guys!

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