Sweet Maria’s New Hats

July 10, 2018

We made some hats! Choose from the Sweet Maria’s Trucker Hat, the Coffee Shrub Bucket Hat or get them both.

The Sweet Maria’s trucker hat is very comfortable due to it’s lack of structure…it’s sorta floppy and the front is made from very soft cotton. Show off your knowledge of how coffee shouldn’t smell with the Sweet Maria’s Skunk in front and if, for some reason, your head is actually stinky, the back is all mesh for a little ventilation.

The Coffee Shrub Bucket hat was originally designed as a gift for coffee farmers on Tom’s trips to coffee growing origins. We decided to make extra ones so you can have one too. The Coffee Shrub branding on the front is subtle and almost blends into the blue fabric. The coffee leaves logo is the same artwork that appears on our wholesale bags.

CLICK HERE to check out our new hats


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