Huzzah! The Guatemala La Maravilla SWT Decaf is back. SWT because it is supra sweet, but yes it is an SWP decaf actually. I thought that was sort of clever. Anyways, it’s a hoot of a decaf coffee.

Guatemala La Maravilla SWP Decaf


Caramel apple notes and chocolate raisins are the best analogies. The cup has a very nice balanced brightness, with orange notes in the lighter roast levels, and a dry effect in the finish. There is a nut-toned roast taste, almond-like, and praline as it passes into the aftertaste. And it has a caramel-maple sweetness throughout, from lighter roast levels to Full City. In fact I can’t think of a decaf that has such a nice, rounded sweetness in the cup. The body is medium-to-light, which suits the lively nature of this cup well, but at FC or Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>FC+ roast levels has a very nice creamy mouthfeel.”

It’s a Christmas miracle!