Tambaya and Montañita

I mentioned it in my last post, but I just wanted to highlight what an excellent pairing of coffees that I thought these two made. Despite having distinctive flavor characteristics (Montañita with it’s muted melon and Fuji apple notes coupled with mild savory/herbal elements, Tambaya with its peach and white grape with balanced sweet cream), the mouthfeel of both these coffees created a marriage between them that really showcased what makes each one remarkable. I highly recommend picking these two up together and trying it out for yourself. Also, I had a Clever Drip of the Ethiopia Guji Org. Decaf the other day that tasted like smores made with the Huckleberry Chocolates that my friend Dinah would always bring back from Spokane. Phenomenal decaf, incredibly sweet. Clever Drippers are doing well, pretty excited to have those out there, feel free to share any of your experiences with them here; also, if there are any pairings of shrub coffees that you have come across that you were jazzed about please let us know.