How to Quickly and Cleanly Open Jute Coffee Bags!

It took me forever to figure out how to open the seam on stitched jute coffee bags in one go. Here’s how…

The top seam on stitch-closed coffee bags can be a pain. The chain loop stitch is made with a special bag sewer in one direction

I often guessed which end to try to open, and got it wrong. Miguel at Sweet Maria’s helped me ID the stitch direction, and which end to cut the chain loop stitch. 

Quick Solution to open a chain-stitched jute coffee bag:

  • Find with wider end on the “loop” side of the bag
  • Follow the stitch to that end of the bag, cut
  • Pull the stitch from the “non-loop” side. 

It’s easier to show than to write …so watch this quick video for how we do it. This technique works for the 50 Lb and Full Bag quantities we sell through Coffee Shrub   –  Thompson

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