Cyber Monday and Beyond

Nov. 21, 2018

The holiday season is upon us and there’s a lot going on here. We have a sale coming up. There’s a lot of new and exciting coffees to choose from and we are adding a few new products. Our warehouse staff is starting to see an increase in orders so it might be a good time to get your order in before the holiday rush. Here’s what’s going on:


Cyber Monday and Beyond sale:

We are putting a lot of coffee and merchandise on sale for Cyber Monday and Beyond Sale. All the saving begins on Nov. 26th and runs through Dec. 3rd with non-coffee merchandise remaining discounted until Dec. 6th. CLICK HERE for all the details


New Products:

Dear Coffee Buyer Book – a great resource for anyone interested in the coffee trade. It’s great for home roasters that want to learn more about processing methods, differences between growing regions, evaluating roasts, and coffee cultivars.


Espresso Monkey Beanie – Super soft and stretchy and a perfect hat is perfect for kids and adults alike.  It’s a nice add-on gift for those who like coffee, don’t like coffee but like monkeys, or like both.


Coffee Shrub Bucket Hat – We have been selling these hats for a while now and we now have them in white.


Sweet Maria’s Holiday Brew Kit – Choose the brewer of your choice and we’ll include a discounted pack of filters and 1 lb of roasted coffee.


Sweet Maria’s Cupping Kit – Perfect for home roasters ready to evaluate their coffee like a pro! Our cupping kit contains all the products you need to start cupping at home and ships with a cupping guide to walk you through the process.



2019 Sweet Maria’s Dogs of Coffee Calendar  – An annual tradition. The pages are loaded with dog photos that Tom captured while traveling to coffee origins this year. Proceeds go to charity.

Back in stock:

Bonavita Temperature Control Gooseneck Kettle – This 1 liter kettle has a brushed, stainless steel finish gives you complete temperature control. The thin spout is pretty much mandatory for a good pour over technique.


Holiday Shipping info:

CLICK HERE to keep up to date with our holiday hours and current shipping details.