Nostalgia Electric Coffee Roaster (Popcorn Popper)

We usually have our popper antennas up, searching for popcorn poppers that will roast coffee. After some testing, we found that this air popper by Nostalgia is great for coffee roasting. It has vents on the sides of the roasting cylinder, the plastic body is thick and it gets hot enough to turn coffee brown.

We will continue to sell the Westbend Air Crazy but thought we should offer this one as well since good coffee roasting poppers can be hard to find.

What’s the difference between the Nostalgia and the Westbend?

Aside from aesthetics and the thickness of the clear plastic lid, the main difference is our lack of experience roasting with a Nostalgia. We have used and abused the Air Crazy for years and can stand by their durabilty. We use them in ways we shouldn’t during testing and roasting demonstrations and they have held up better than expected. We have tested our Nostalgia as much as possible over a short period of time and have had great results but we aren’t sure how well it will perform in the long run (we’ll let you know in a few months).

Why is it $10 cheaper?

Who knows. In most cases we don’t have much control over the price of the products we sell and there’s so much that happens as appliances like these follow the path from design stages to store shelves. The only difference in quality we really noticed is the thinner plastic lid. If you will be using the lid every time you roast, expect it to warp, especially around the slots near the opening. On the other hand, the scoop that sits on top of the lid is very thick and seems like it would withstand a lot more heat. Other than that, the quaility seems to be the same as the Air Crazy.

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