The Ultimate Bird-friendly Coffee, and Some Amazing New Lots

Once again, we have so many new arrivals at once I can only provide a list, and links to the full reviews. Many of you from the homeroast list have aske about the Jacu Bird Coffee – that’s here, along with a darn pleasant Harar, and (finally) a solid Aged Sumatra.

  • Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee – i am not above a novelty coffee, especially when (unlike kopi luwak) the cup is good!
  • Brazil Organic Camocim – Pure Bourbon – fantastic cup, bright, jasmine and sage notes, malty sweetness.
  • Brazil Organic Camocim – Moka (Peaberry)peaberry lot that doubles as a great single-estate espresso
  • Ethiopia Harar Horse -Lot 14659 – I can’t believe it, I found a good harar! lower-toned, candied fruit notes, spice, silky body.
  • Rwanda Butare Bourbon – we were able to get more of this great bourbon lot
  • Zimbabwe AA -Dandoni Estate – maybe the last shipment from this fine farm in a troubled country
  • Sumatra Aged Mandheling ’04 Crop – it took a long time but i finally found an intense, pungent aged coffee with hidden sweetness
  • Colombia Huila Pitalito MC Decaf – incredible bright, sweet, floral decaf. review coming

And now for your pleasure, meet your all-in-one coffee picker and processing facility, the Jacu:

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