Yo, Sweetness is my Weakness

Two new and incredibly capital S W E E T, sweet coffees are up on the shrub today.

Colombia Finca La Carolina, Luis F. Rincon


Costa Rica Cafetin San Martin

The producer of La Carolina is Luis F. Rincon, and it is a small, typical Colombia operation where the farmer picks, depulps, washes, ferments and dries all of his own coffee on the farm. The farm is in the area of Villa Maria, in the Caldas Department not far from Manizales. The farm manager is Leonardo Henao, and he used to work as a coffee cupper which is a rare quality in someone on the agronomy end of coffee. The cup has compelling yet balanced fruit throughout with stated notes of almond in a candy shell. An intensely aromatic cup!

Cafetin San Martin is a lot that arrived at the tail end of the ’09 main harvest and was cellared in GrainPro bags. Now that we are breaking into this lot, it is an amazingly fresh coffee, just as it arrived. A testament to good storage as well as the fact that Cafetin is well processed and “rested” before export. A well balanced cup with ample floral character and a clear bright finish. I know that it sounds a little ridiculous, but the back-end of this cup is so sunny and makes me think of the Golden Hour, the time right before sunset when everything takes on that otherworldly glow.