Duo of New Brazilians

July 20, 2015

Brazil Araponga -Fazenda Serra do Bone – offers the sweetness of light brown sugar that is countered by the pleasant bittering flavor of cocoa nibs. The orange-like brightness is just a footnote to these powerful roast flavors, forming a classic Brazilian taste profile. Rustic sweetness intensifies as the cup cools. This is a nice selection for Single Origin espresso shots as well.

Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Cachoeira Alta – The brewed coffee has a heavy body, and this viscous nature adds heft to sweet fruit notes throughout the cooling cup. It’s a rustic coffee, with much in the way pectin sugar and fruited notes with date sugar, dried pineapple, dried fig, and dark plum. It’s a complex cup, and refined one too, putting this Brazil into a league of it’s own. We recommend City+ roasts will cup great and roasting darker than Full City will work great as an S.O. espresso.

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