New Guatemala Sample Set & Five New Coffees

August 28, 2015



Single Origin Sample Set: Guatemala – features 1 pound bags of coffee from the current offers on our list. These are all wet-processed coffees.
Brazil Tres Vecinos Peaberry – balanced with a nice ratio of sugar-to-bittersweet flavors. Roasted nut is present in the lightest roasts, . Slight fruited notes pop out as the cup cools, and the finish is highlighted by fading bittersweet chocolate. Great for espresso
Congo Kivu Nyirigongo Station – has healthy doses of unrefined sugars and aromatic woods. A sweet coffee (deeply sweet, really), albeit rustic and with a counterbalance of bittersweet aspects. As it cools fruits really come alive, rindy citrus, boysenberry, and red raisin, along with dry-spice top notes.
Ethiopia Dry Process “Gey” Harar – one of the better Harar selections we’ve tasted in a while. Very sweet, mixed-berry jam and a hint of papaya, with an overlay of earth-toned sugars. A strong note of dried apple comes out as the cup cools,
Guatemala Acatenango San Diego Buena Vista – notes of brown sugar, almond, spiced cinnamon and vanilla essence notes in the aftertaste. Full City ushers in high % cacao bar flavors, slightly fruited and with a pleasant bittering touch. There’s a great relationship between sweetness and bittersweetness
Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul -Palacios y Castillo – A rock-solid brewed coffee with nectarine and green apple tartness, along with a juicy mouthfeel. There’s a lemon note , functioning more as flavor than acidity. The structuring brightness in the middle-roast range is much more in line with ripe peach (skin and all) or red apple.


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