Additions and Subtractions

In the interest of keeping our offering list dynamic we will be removing a coffee from shrub this Friday, December 4th. The Brazil Daterra Sweet Yellow will take a bow, an amazing and complex coffee that continues to really impress us, and that’s why we want to make sure to let anyone who might be interested in this coffee know that they still have a few more days to check it out. When making adjustments to our offerings, we will be sure to give notice so that folks can still get it while they can. Along with the stellar Ethiopia Haile Selassie DP and the Costa Rica Chirripo Los Crestones, there are a few other new offerings that we’d like to announce. The Brazil Fazenda Campos Altos Peaberry, one of the sweetest Brazils that we’ve cupped this year, and the El Salvador COE La Montañita Pacamara, which has so much presence and intriguing flavors that just continue to open up and reveal more each day out of the roaster.

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