Ethiopian Coffees: A Second Look

May 15, 2019

Our 20% off Ethiopia sale has understandably generated an enthusiastic response (15% off on Coffee Shrub), and after cupping through the current inventory, these coffees continue to impress. Out of all of the growing regions we source from, I can honestly say Ethiopian coffee cellars the best. The moisture level is very low in comparison to other origins, often 8 – 9% (the “standard” is around 11%). The bean size is also small, and cellular structure dense from the slow maturation that comes with being grown at high altitudes. All of these factors help us to understand how it is possible for a coffee that’s been around the better part of a year to still cup 87 – 90 points.

While stock is dwindling, we still have 9 coffees on offer with 1 LB bags coming in as low as $4.92/LB and 20 LB bags as low as $3.91/LB with the discount (really!). Here’s a quick overview and cup notes of a few of these coffees that we’ve tasted in the last two weeks.

Ethiopia Guji Sare Saba: This has to be one of the best values in terms of comparing price to cup score. Sare Saba is one of the cleaner washed lots still in stock, the underlying sweetness transparent like simple syrup. Fruited notes are mere highlights, but you catch glimpses of citrus and berry as the coffee cools and a floral jasmine aroma leaves a lasting impression. A fantastic coffee when roasted light and worthy of every one of those 90 points in the cup score. 1 LB bags start at $4.92/LB

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Ethiopia Guji Anasora: If you prefer a deeper roast than what we typically recommend for Ethiopian coffees, Anasora’s for you. While City+ roasts do come off sweet, Full City is where bittersweet chocolate roast tone give way to subtle dark berry accents and baking spice hints. Anasora has impressive body as well and works wonders as a single origin espresso1 LB bags start at $4.92/LB

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Ethiopia Kercha Arusi Station: I’ll admit, “floral payoff” sounds a bit ridiculous, but is used in the short description for good reason. Arusi has strong floral character when roasted light and is a showy, jasmine-laden cup that excels as pour-over brew. The sweetness level tastes developed at City/City+, and a lemon characteristic is expressed in both flavor and acidity. Roast to Full City and all of this is lost. Keep it light and bright, trust me! 1 LB bags start at $4.96/LB

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Ethiopa Uraga Hana Asrat Tilhun: One of our higher scoring Ethiopias on the site. This coffee is surprisingly fruited for a washed coffee, the degree of which is dependent on roast level. I found City+ and Full City roasts produce the strongest fruited character, flavors hinting at natural dried stone fruit and dark berry. Lighter roasts are much more delicate and a floral aroma is easily discernible. 1 LB bags start at $5.48/LB

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Our 20% off sale goes for 2 more weeks, or until our stock runs dry! You can view the full list of coffees on sale here.

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