Congo Kivu Coffee Photo Tour

Congo is complicated: Instability means coffee farmers can’t find a stable market, or even farm their crop without sometimes facing threats.

The issues in Congo are lack of a unifying government, the conflicts of local militias, and their fight over the mineral riches in the land. Rare earth minerals among others, components needed for the production of technology in manufacturing countries thousands of miles away, are fuel added to the fire of social division and power struggles in Congo

Coffee farmers suffer in this climate. Any farmer requires stability, to use their land without fear they might be driven away from it by violent conflict. They also need to develop a market for their coffee, and have investment in their area in the processing equipment. Few are willing to invest in an area with great social turmoil.

The answer for years has been to smuggle Congo Kivu coffee across borders to sell in neighboring countries, like Rwanda. This is risky in many ways, of being taken advantage of economically of course, but also life threatening too. Many Congo farmers who used small boats and canoes to smuggle coffee across Lake Kivu to Rwanda have perished, drowning on the voyage due to sudden storms, being swamped by water, in their unsafe vessels.

The answer in many ways is indirect: To build a market for Congo coffee by recognizing that it has great cup quality. It can be delicious! That takes an infrastructure to organize farmers, better train them in quality methods of growing and harvesting coffee. It takes building washing stations to better process the coffee. And it takes the investment in dry-milling to export the coffee proficiently, to maintain that cup taste potential that is so promising in the high-grown coffees of Congo.

Video: Congo Coffee Visits

This is actually a slideshow video … I guess I was so excited to be in South Kivu I forgot to record actual video? I don’t know. The trip was several years back, but I realized I had not compiled my thoughts and really shown our viewers much of this great coffee-producing origin. I was tasting some new green coffee offers from Congo and this all dawned on me! So …

There’s some things I wanted to vocalize about Congo so here it is:

Our Congo coffee offerings

Congo Coffee Photo Gallery

Some still images (most are in the video too):

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