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A trip that seems like a million years ago, and really before the new phase of the Costa Rica “Micro Mill” had kicked in.

This trip seem like it was at the cusp of a transition from large lots marketed by region, to the small mill run on a 1000 KG per hour eco-pulper. The coops and huge private companies like Volcafe had the specialty market wrapped up pretty tight in coordination with a very slick marketing effort my the coffee association.

Selling specialty coffee by region, they developed a portfolio for each area, a brand identity. Ugh. Anyway the farmers weren’t really getting much out of it … not the small farmer anyway. And the quality of regional lots was pretty ho-hum, especially mixing the coffee that came from farms with Catimor type variety coffee trees, and those more Caturra. Caturra is a nice classic sweet coffee, Catimor’s flavor can be muddled by the Robusta in its genome.

Anyway, this is a way-back archive travelogue of a cupping trip to Costa Rica in 2007! Some fun pictures and captions from Sweet Maria’s of yore -Tom

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