Cupping Safety: No-Share with Rattleware Cupping Brewer

If the new cupping protocols have you stressed out, the Cupping Brewer by Rattleware is a great solution.

Good news: SCA has released new cupping protocols in light of COVID-19. Bad news: these protocols are really difficult to execute without cross contamination – one absent-minded moment where your spoon hits the wrong surface and everything is kaput. 

This is the perfect method for cupping and limiting cross-contamination at the same time.

We thought this brewer was a neat idea, and are pleased with the cup of coffee it makes! In addition to emulating a traditional cupping method without the possibility of sharing germs, the Rattleware doubles as a handy a home brewer that requires no filter. Either way, the end result is free of any possible flavor contamination by paper or metal filters and the unique design does a great job of separating the grounds from your cup.

Check out Tom’s demo video of the Cupping Brewer by Rattleware


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