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Videos, tip sheets and FAQs for home coffee brewers we sell, like Hario, Kalitta, Technivorm, Bonvita, Clever Coffee Dripper, Aeropress, etc!

Cone without coffee. Cone takes a Melitta type #4 or #6 filter. The #4 filter is preferred size

Clever Coffee Dripper – A Full-Immersion Brewing Method

The Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each. With French pressA simple coffee

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Sweet-Marias- Prismo Aeropress Attachment Fellow Products

Prismo Aeropress Filter Attachment

Prismo replaces your Aeropress Filter and Filter Holder, with a nifty no-drip design and permanent metal filter You probably don’t need to own the Prismo

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Behmor home coffee roaster Behmor 2000 AB Plus

Behmor 2000 AB Plus -New Model for 2020

The Behmor home coffee roaster with one pound capacity is updated with some new features that make roasting easier. To introduce the new features we

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Cupping Safety: No-Share with Rattleware Cupping Brewer

If the new cupping protocols have you stressed out, the Cupping Brewer by Rattleware is a great solution. Good news: SCASCA is the newly formed

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