Ecuador Coffee Tasting and Farm Visits

A trip to Ecuador for the Taza Dorada competition in October and November 2009

In Late October and early November, I went to Ecuador for the first time. Wow it took a while to get here, but Ecuador has been quiet in terms of specialty coffee up until this point.

It was a great trip, part of the Taza Dorada competition, and visits to small farms near the Peru border that we are buying direct with the help of Alejandro from Colombia. I did not edit or caption these photos very strictly, but believe me, there were over 750 initially. Thats too much Anyway here’s my notes and photos from Ecuador Coffee competition 2009 -Tom

Judges of Taza Dorada coffee competition in Loja, Ecuador
L to R Thompson Owen, Chuck Patton, Alejandro Cadena, Thomas Hodges, Christy Thorns, Wayner Jimenez, Nicolas Cadena . Sweet Maria’s Coffee. Ecuador

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