El Salvador Cup of Excellence Competition 2009

There’s the idea that a competition brings forth the best coffee for appraisal and celebration. Yeah … maybe.

I do believe El Salvador is my favorite Cup of Excellence competition. I like to be on the jury here. The coffees are really good, in a basic/good kind of way. The Bourbon variety coffees aren’t flashy … just really solid good drinkin’ types.

And then these more exotic, slightly wild Pacamara cultivars …so there is always a surprise or two or three on each table. The question is how to negotiate between the two. And what “better” and “Excellent” is supposed to mean. Is the best cup one people really like to drink in the morning? Or something unusual, but not attractive as a go-to daily coffee? Hmmm…

Here’s a few pictures from the El Salvador Cup of Excellence Competition 2009

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