El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment

Today we are listing the El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment,  which offers a fabulous chance to taste what processing contributes to a coffee. This is a rare offering; picked from the same area of the farm, same day, processed three different ways: Wet Processed, Pulped Natural, and Natural (Dry Process) . It is a 100% Bourbon coffee from the Manzano mill and farm in El Salvador,. Cupping these coffees is a great experience for tasting intellect. There is a pronounced difference in the cup, but at the same time a very logical progression of the development of certain flavors and characteristics which show how similar the coffees are as well.   You get a set of 1 pound each of the three different processing methods so you can see how that impacts not just the cup character but how the coffee roasts as well. (Again to be clear 3 Lbs of coffee, 1 lb of each process, cost is $18  for the set).

We started a thread in the SM Forum about the coffee, so please share your experience roasting with this unusual offering there. Tom has made a video with macro images of the unroasted and roasted samples, to give some clues of what to look for…

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