Electric Boogaloo

Hey Shrub-a-dubs, it has been an exciting couple of weeks for us. We’ve been caught in the whirlwind of the launching of the Quest roaster and the Manzano Project and have been super jazzed by the reaction from folks.

We have sold our full stock of the Full Natural Finca El Manzano that we had for sale on Shrub, but the 3-pack set of all three processes is still available at Sweet Maria’s. We strongly encourage you to check out the whole set if you haven’t yet:

also, the discussion about this project on the Sweet Maria’s Forum is still going (comments from the Manzano pg on Shrub will be pasted over there as well):

As for the Quest, the next batch is being built right now, and we have already sold half of our current stock. There is some good discussion happening in the comments section, and I must say that the more I work with this roaster, the more impressed I am by the possibilities and potential of it. Here’s a new overview video on the Quest M-3 roaster by Tom.

Heads up on the Montañita Pacamara, only 2 bags left. This coffee is one of my all time favorites:

There are some new coffees right around the corner, but there is still a limited supply of the Panama Esmeralda Gesha – Mario Enero Lot. If you are planning on picking any up for the holidays as a special offering or gift or whatever, I would suggest grabbing some soon:

Coming soon: The run-down and highlights from this year’s CuptoberFest. In the meantime, here’s a pretty silly video I did of a cupping presentation for the Manzano Project, remember, 3-packs are still available and it’s a pretty amazing opportunity to get a real clear look at the effects of different processing types.