first, then, and thenly

Newness is happening. We have 2 new offerings and then also a recontextualized offering.

Firstly, we have a special lot for you of…

Papua New Guinea AA Kimel

“The Kimel AA comes to life in the wet aroma. Adding hot water to the grinds and sweet layers of orange marmalade emerge, with a hint of pear and cinnamon accents. I was impressed how the clean brightness is stable through all the roast ranges. City+ roast has apple and apricot flavors as well as floral touches (honeysuckle).”

then, we went and took El Papuma from the blends section and added it to the main coffees list. If you don’t recall…

Sweet Maria’s El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend…

“There is no place called El Papuma. The grounds have an interesting sweet-savory scent, with slight plum fruit, Brazil nut, and molasses accents. Adding hot water, the coffee aroma is emphatically molasses like, or dark brown sugar in the lighter roasts, and apple and baked peach as well. Darker roasts have a tarry sweetness in the aroma, the smell of burnt sugar and still quite fruited as well. The cup has a clear sweetness from light to dark roast levels. Apple and melon fruit hints come through in the lighter roast, with a dark cherry note at Full City. I notice that the sweetness and brightness give this coffee a palate-refreshing effect.”

Super molasses, for the reals.

And thenly, we added a new Workshop Blend, which we think is fun to have available, the Workshop blends that is. You can find them on the blends page. The link is on the top of the Coffees page at “click here” or you can click here: Blends | The Coffee Shrub

Espresso Workshop #15 “Les Baxterizer”

” Yes, the master of the easy-going organ sounds and some of the best B-movie soundtracks (Wild in the Streets, Hell’s Belles, Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs!). Anyway, this blend reminds me more of Que Mango and Bugaloo in Brazil. It’s is soft and zingy, and it will leave you feeling certifiably Baxterized. I think this blend strikes a nice balance, still with a floral and citrus accent, but a fairly silky mouthfeel.”

I laughed hysterically last night reading a recipe for 5 minute drizzle sauce. It’s not even that funny when I write it now, but I really couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty sure that I put out an acid jazz record called 5 minute drizzle sauce back when that was hip though.

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