Acaia vartiety
This cultivar has a rust-colored new leaf, which turns green as it matures, as you can see. Catuai has a green new leaf. Daterra also cultivates Bourbon and Mundo Novo varietals. Mundo Novo is a Bourbon hybrid with a very circular seed form.

Acaia is planted mainly in Brazil, an offspring of Mundo Novo cultivar.: The Acaia genotype was derived by selection from progenies of the Mundo Novo germplasm, which arose from natural hybridization between Sumatra and Bourbon cultivars. (I have seen “Sumatra” in the former ICO collection gardens like the one near Kiambu Kenya, and it is a Typica that was planted in Sumatra in the 1920s) . Acaia was developed in the 1940s by the Instituto Agronômico de Campinas, a tall coffee shrub with large bean size. It has a good productivity but some susceptibility to main pests and diseases.

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