Generally coffee is not planted too close, but the type of pruning can maske a dense wall of coffee shrubs in Aceh. Bener Merieh area.

Gayo is ethnic group from the area of Aceh Sumatra around Lake Takengon. They use the name Gayo Coffee to market their production. The Acehnese are a different ethnic group, more centered in the lower elevation and coastal areas, and in the capital of Banda Aceh at the extreme North and West of the island (and of Indonesia).

Gayo is also a local coffee type: There are also 2 coffee varieties grown in the area by the Gayo farmers. Gayo 1 and Gayo 2

Gayo 1 = Gayo Satu.  This variety is said to be a strain of Timor Variety (TimTim, Hibrido de Timor) selected at ICCRI, the Indonesian Coffee<Coffee Research facility in Jember. However, it is said the 2 employees who selected it did not follow the best practices in doing so, or document its origins. But it matches the morphology of HdT and has been assumed to be a selection of Timor variety.

Gayo 2 = Gayo Dua. This variety is supposed to have TimTim and either Line-S (S-795) or Bourbon genetics. It originated in Aceh, in a particular farmer’s garden, Maisir Aman Al in Jongok Meluem Village Bandar District, Bener Meriah Regency. It was derived from 4 trees on his farm that were the progeny of a particular “mother tree” that had good production and resistance. Given that it is a selection from a farmer’s field it is hard to believe claims of particular parent varieties, whether S-795 or Bourbon. But some say Gayo 2 is the same as BorBor which supports the idea it has Bourbon.

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