Jember Coffee Variety

Jember coffee variety
Jember coffee variety, also called S-288

Jember is a cultivar in Indonesia. Also a town in East Java, home of the main coffee and cocoa research institute, ICCRI.

A variety released from the Jember research station is also called Jember variety, it might actually be S-288

S288 falls under the S-Line (Line S) group of coffees that came from India’s coffee research. Some say it is the true Jember coffee . 

S-288  is a selection of the interspecific S-26 variety, that is a cross of c. arabica and c. liberica. It is reported to have lower cup quality than S-795 or other pure arabica types and has more occurrence of polyembryo, that is, elephant beans. I have found S-288 planted in Sulawesi, but not Sumatra.

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