La Cabana MicroMill, San Pablo, Tarrazu
Sweet Maria's Geotagged GPS Image La Cabana MicroMill, San Pablo, Tarrazu. Thompson Owen, Sweet Maria's Coffee Costa Rica

Small independent mills that produced finished coffee, ready for export, usually right on the farm.

A Micromill is a tiny low-volume, farm-specific coffee producer who their lots separate, mill it themselves, gaining total control of the process, and tuning it to yield the best possible flavors (and the best price!) In Costa Rica, farmers usually belonged to large cooperative mills, or simply harvested cherry and sold it to a big mill. Large estates might have complete processing facilities.

Now farmers of modest size can craft small micro-lots with complete control on scaled-down equipment from Penagos or Pinhalense. The demucilage process has allowed farmers without great access to water, to set up their own mill. Water can even be brought by truck or a small hose since the water usage is so low in the demucilager process, aka machine-washed coffee

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