Origin Flavor

Origin Flavor is a term we use to describe coffee flavors that are intrinsic to a particular coffee from a particular origin, and in contrast to flavor we term “Roast Taste”: Origin Flavor is a term we started to use in distinction to “Roast Taste”. Origin flavors (from specific fruit, berry, floral, herbal, confectionary, food-like, etc.) are broader in scope that roast-derived notes. Roast flavors are often described as sweet to bittersweet, caramel to chocolate to burnt, and might be found across coffee growing regions. These are conceptually useful, but we acknowledge they are flawed distinctions since the compounds that form “roast taste” flavors are inextricably linked to the compounds that result in the “origin” flavors. But to describe the way that dark roast tastes eclipse origin distinctness of coffee, it is useful. The term “Origin Distinctness” is a related concept, as well as Cultivar Flavor.

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