Sidra Coffee Variety
Sidra Coffee Variety

Sidra is a recently introduced coffee variety, with an unclear origin story. It might have been part of a coffee plant breeding program, developed in the nurseries of a Nestle facility in Ecuador.

It first appeared on farms in Ecuador and then Colombia, with reports of good production per tree, and good cup quality.

Under the name Sidra, Bourbon Sidra or, “Sydra” it is known for towering height and sturdy stature. Research institutes who have performed genetic testing on organic samples from Sidra plants say it can be traced back to Ethiopian coffee landraces, but these are typical results for unknown and locally hybridized arabica types.

As dissemination of this increasingly popular variety becomes more widespread, I’m sure we will learn more about it. At the moment, you tend to see Sidra in Ecuador and Colombia.

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