Have a Fresh New Year

“Have a Fresh New Year”. That’s what Carl down at the Annex said when we picked up these new arrivals: Costa Rica Finca Bella Vista, El Salvador Finca La Montanita Bourbon, Kenya Kirinyaga Kiunyu Peaberry, Kenya Muranga Kangunu Peaberry, and Espresso Workshop #21 -The Satpura Fold. We will be closed for inventory tomorrow (Friday) and Monday, but don’t let that stop you from ordering these great new arrivals. Costa Rica Finca Bella Vista has striking brightness, rindy citrus and quince fruit. El Salvador Finca La Montanita Bourbon has a lush and bright profile that works at a wide range of roast levels. Kenya Kids look out, two Peaberry lots in limited supply: Kenya Kirinyaga Kiunyu Peaberry with honeysuckle notes and delicate acidity and Kenya Muranga Kangunu Peaberry with cherry, pineapple notes, and tangerine acidity. Finally, Espresso Workshop #21 -The Satpura Fold is a unique new blend with bold brightness, Muscovado sugar, layers of chocolate and winey fruit. Happy New Year indeed.

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