How Sweet Maria’s Receives Shipments at our Green Coffee Warehouse

Few coffee roasters or importers store all their stock of green coffee. That includes Sweet Maria’s

Ever wonder where all that Sweet Maria’s coffee comes from? Where do we get it all from?

Well from coffee-producing origins of course! And most of our coffee comes through our direct buying relationships we have built in those countries, (and a minority of bags comes from importer relationships too).

But between the country that exports coffee and our warehouse, we use a large facility in Oakland called The Annex that specializes in storing and distributing coffee to companies like ours. In fact, nearly every importer and large coffee roaster in this region uses The Annex.

How we handle our coffee and move through batches is really important to us, and a lot of work. Just tracking lots is critical to maintain quality and freshness, as well as match the work flow of what our warehouse crew can handle

Our system helps minimize moving bags by hand, although there is plenty of that. We built our new warehouse with a truck-high standard loading dock so we can use a forklift to drive into the High Cube container bringing our coffee each week.

We also don’t use standard pallets, but a large sturdy type called “bean boards” in the coffee trade. These can be used over and over, and hold 20+ bags rather than 10 on a standard pallet.

While all coffee still comes in an outer jute bag, we use an inner liner to protect our coffee, a high barrier specialized bag made by Ecotact or Grainpro. We do this on 100% of our coffee to ensure quality and freshness at our green coffee warehouse.

Dan made this quick video before heading back to Seattle. This video documents how we receive our shipment from the Annex, every Thursday!

How Sweet Maria’s Receives Shipments at our Green Coffee Warehouse

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