Just say the word, oohhh, Su-Su-Sulawesi Toarco

It’s back! Sulawesi Toarco AA is here with a bit bigger body and a little sweeter as well. More creamy lemon, more syrupy sweet botanicals, I think that this is going to be an SO spro Superstar this year. Catch a wave.

Sulawesi Toarco Wet-Process AA

” In the cup, the clean and sweet character is so unique for this origin with a creamy finish. The body is bigger and has more texture, the suggestions of pine/juniper resinous flavors with slight coriander notes are still present, with sweet botanicals in a rich syrup (like a ricola lozenge) in the finish. While bright and dynamic, it has a softer side too, characterized by the floral and melon notes in balance. As it cools the coffee rounds out, has more body, and greater intensity, and greater sweetness with a limoncello note.”

Speaking of SO espresso Superstars, there is one 60lb GP left of the Guatemala Finca El Tambor left!

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