Just so’s you know

So, the 600 lb. Mario Enero lot of the Esmeralda Gesha in on Shrub now!

Panama Esmeralda Gesha – Mario Enero Lot

“Mario is the original Gesha area on the farm in Jaramillo, not one of the new areas they have since planted. It is located between 1500-1650 meters, harvested during the month of February, 2010. There is no other coffee quite like it, and other farms that have cultivated Gesha don’t attain the cup quality of the best Esmeralda Gesha. We are offering this years Esmeralda Gesha on Coffee Shrub in 6 Lb vacuum packs to make the price reasonable to those with small 3-6 kg roasters, or those with 12 kg roasters might want to buy 2-3 packs per roast batch.”


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