New Kenya Peaberry on shrub now!

Kenya Kirinyaga Karimikui Peaberry


“There is an orange marmalade sweetness, accented with clean mango fruit notes on the lighter roasts. The body is syrupy which pairs well with the caramel-butterscotch sweetness. In the finish, the sweet candied fruit flavors turn toward an aggressive, half-herbal and half-foresty character. It’s a classic Kenya twist of the tongue. Some in the trade describe it unfavorably as “sweaty” and some quite favorably call it … “sweaty”! It adds interest and complexity to the cup, and I find it rindy, and makes for a long fading aftertaste. As the cup cools, the fruits seem more winey, and tropical makes way for a black currant and pomegranate-laced syrup. I enjoy this lot so much because it’s not just a simple sweet-fruited dessert coffee.”

More new coffees very soon. Also, like I said earlier, Check out the Guatemala Finca El Tambor as an SO espresso! Krazy güt!