Ethiopian Coffee Feature: Esmael Hassan of Kayon Mountain

We have been buying Kayon Mountain coffee from Esmael for many years… and have some great green coffee lots available now

Once again as we cup through our entire lineup of Ethiopian arrivals, the coffee from Kayon Mountain are some of our best. Regardless of whether wet or dry process, their coffees always seem to tick off so many boxes for what we consider quintessential Guji flavors, like rue herb, refined fruits, and florals.

The Kayon Mountain group are really a family business, with Esmael Hassan managing a lot of the day to day operations. (In fact we also buy from his brother Kedir for many years too!) Most of his sites are in Shakisso, Guji zone, and very close to their farms. Esmael grew up in this area, and his ties to local community have helped him establish Kayon as buyer.

Looking back at our notes , our buying history with Kayon goes back to when they first exported coffee, in 2016. At that time in Ethiopia, only cooperatives and large farms could obtain export licenses, and Kayon Mountain’s 200 hectare farm that had just come into production allowed them to export their own coffee under the “Kayon Mountain” name.

Since then, Kayon Mountain has grown to include a hand full of farms and wet mills, which we’ve offered under names such as “Goro Bedessa”, “Kayon Mountain”, “Genet”, “Taaroo”, and others. They process their own coffee, as well as buy cherry from the farmers in the villages where they operate. We’ve visited many of these farm and sites, always impressed by their post-harvest processing, some of which is documented some of those visits in the photos below.

Check out our current Kayon Mountain coffees:

  • Ethiopia Guji Goro Bedessa: Perfect for pour-over brewing, a light-and-bright coffee, with perfumed top notes that shine through in the cup. Simply syrup, jasmine pearl tea, dried rose, pink fruit gum, and hint of rue wrapped into a sweet finish. City to City+.
  • Ethiopia Kayon Guji Genet: Guji Genet delivers compact sweetness and clean, sweet finish, complex raw sugars contrast delicate grace notes, fragrant florals, syrupy mouthfeel, with hints of white grape and pear that feed into an elegant acidity. City to City+.
  • Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Buku: Guji Buku extracts delicious fruit-forward flavors that are plump and juicy, with notes of red raspberry, mixed berry juice, blueberry pastry filiing, and an aromatic rue note that pushes cup complexity to the top of our list. City to Full City.

Watch our Aillio Bullet roast profile for Kayon Mountain “Taaroo”, a great starting point for the current wet process Kayon Mountain coffees.

Dan profiles Kayon coffee in the Aillio Bullet coffee roaster

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