Lost ‘n Found Coffee – October 2016

October 19, 2016
Did your favorite coffee recently go out of stock? It might be on this list of coffees that we recently ran out of and suggestions for replacements that we think you will enjoy. This a great opportunity to try new coffees with similar flavors and characteristics. If your favorite went out of stock and you don’t see it here, email us at [email protected] and we will help you find a new favorite.

Brazil Municipal de Cristina – Jamir Microlot

This microlot had nut-to-cocoa tones, berry topping note and a thick, inky body. It was a great espresso option or  blend base. A great espresso option.

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Brazil Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon – The pulp natural process makes for a mild cup with soft acidity and hazelnut spread, praline and carob chip cookie notes. Nut to cocoa tones in the finish. This is a great option for espresso too.


Ethiopia Gedeo Zone Gedeb Asasa

This coffee had a floral jasmine aroma, with turbinado sugar sweetness, sweet lime and graham cracker crust accents. It was wonderful both brewed and as espresso: tangy citrus, chocolate syrup and fruit highlights.

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Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain Farm – A beautiful cup: jasmine florals, raw honey, cherry cola, lemon custard and a refined finish. Darker roasts are like jasmine-infused cacao bar. Great espresso.



Kenya Othaya Gatuyaini Peaberry

Complex raw sugar and a variety of citrus flavors highlighted this peaberry. We tasted pomegranate, cardamom spice, raisin notes and a Darjeeling tea accent. Darker roasts built cocoa bittersweetness.

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Kenya Othaya Kamoini Peaberry – This peaberry has plump fruited notes, blackberry, blueberry, pineapple, stone fruits and acidity like ripe grapefruit. Cinnamon accent on the exhale and shades of dark cocoa with heavier roasting.


Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma

This lot of Rosma had high levels of fruit, sweetness and acidity. Refreshing acidity and fruited with concord and white grape, plum and apple. Big body carries dark fruit and cacao long into the finish. Good for espresso.

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Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Familia RecinosJuicy brewed cup, dried apple and black currant accents, Asian pear, syrupy sweetness and malic brightness. So versatile, and develops high chocolate with development. Good for espresso.



Honduras Lentago Farm – Don Victor

Don Victor showed fruited characteristics, baked apple, grape juice and tart mountain berry. There were tea like notes as the cup cools, with refined sugar sweetness. It was good for espresso too.

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Honduras Cerro Negro – Lesquiñada – Burned sugars, balance of sweet and bittering tones, with apple juice, hibiscus tea and lychee fruit accents. Tart to sweet in light roasts, with heavier bittersweetness at darker levels.  Good for espresso.

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