Majahual that scratchin’ is making me Itch

New El Salvador and Kenya Nyeri offerings up on shrub today.

El Salvador Finca El Majahual

“Majahual averages 1500 meters although much of the farm is higher up. I visited in April and was amazed by the 50 to 80 year old Bourbon trees. There is a minority percentage of Pacas at El Majahual, which is a local type of Bourbon as well. The trees at the farm seemed so healthy, with great coffee production on branches from top to bottom, despite their age.”

Kenya Nyeri Ichamara Peaberry

“The cup is very lively with bright acidity and a delicate sweetness, fruited and very floral. Peach blossom, found in the aromatics, is a dominant theme in the cup which matches fruits and floral flavors. Lemon and apricot also come through, and rose-like floral hints are present as well. A very refined sweetness balances out the brightness; a clean white sugar sweetness without any rustic suggestions.”

Two stellar offerings that are testaments to vacuum and Grain-Pro packaging. Both coffees still showing lots of sweetness, life, and vibrancy. ‘Tis the season.